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Loury and celebration of urchins
By Loury's, in Le Mistral, they have been growing a non hidden veneration to urchins. On mid-september, the menu unrolls 1000 ways to bring it on stage. Urchin is also the occasion to mention how much... More infos

Botargo, that's Loulou's thing
Botargo: it comes from Martigues, everybody knows that. Anywhere else, it's a different thing. This caviar from the Mediterranean basin is so "copied" that it's sometimes called "boutargue" instea... More infos

Marseilles, Fishermen by the Vieux Port
Their interviews have been feeding the folklore report of the TV daily news: they like playing questions and answers, they give the tale, but when they finally talk about their work as fishermen, they... More infos

A small terrace...
A little terrace behind a flowering hedge stands in front of the restaurant. On the beautiful sunny days (and they come very often in Marseille), it welcomes in happiness around 15 guests, often s... More infos

Christian the palamide fisherman
Nickname 'Pistolet'. Still, it's not a handgun he needs to use when he picks these little tunas out of the sea, from secret places he is one of the very few to know. Christian, it's also the skill of ... More infos

« This article is not translated »
... More infos

Bouillabaisse Menus
Genuine bouillabaisse by Loury's finds several expressions. As the only dish or in menus, it's a party every time... ... More infos

Same values as ever, cuisine of nowadays
Smoking the salmon, preparing the family terrine, choosing a mullet, picking out the eggs to make botargo, stuffing the pieds paquets... In this place they keep traditions alive, not just dogmatically... More infos

Georges Ricaud painter sculptor
He is the friend of all times. Painter, sculptor, advertiser, builder, once magician of the nights in Marseille... Georges Ricaud was born in Auvergne in 1941, son of a French man from Lille and a Bel... More infos

Tour of the Calanques Marseille Cassis Carry
Olivier is one of Bernard Loury's faithful companions. He is a top-notch underwater fisherman, bringing each year his contribution to the reputation of Le Mistral. Urchins of course, mussels, viol... More infos

Bouillabaisse speciality
mostly... fish. Fresh caught fish, even frisky whenever possible. Fish are bought every morning along the Quai des Belges: firm flesh, glittering scales, bright eyes. Fishermen know Bernard Loury very... More infos

Michel Lubrano, the Pacha
Everybody likes it, finding him early on the market along the Vieux Port, chatting with friends of explaining to tourists the miraculous properties of the pearly coins of Saint-Lucy. "I was born in 1... More infos

L'Oursin à l'honneur « This article is not translated »
FÊTONS L'OURSIN JUSQU'EN FIN MARS Découvrez les Oursins tout au long du repas : Oursins crus en mouillettes *** Oursins à l'Espagnole *** Mousseline de Merlan à l'... More infos

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