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Loury and celebration of urchins
By Loury's, in Le Mistral, they have been growing a non hidden veneration to urchins. On mid-september, the menu unrolls 1000 ways to bring it on stage. Urchin is also the occasion to mention how much... More infos

Pot-au-feu (recipe)
INGREDIENTS - 4 pound tied bone-in beef chuck roast - 4 pound (2- to 3-inch) bone-in short ribs - 2 onions, quartered - 2 medium carrots, halved lengthwise - 6 quarts water - 2 (3-inch) pieces c... More infos

The other Bouillabaisse
The 'one-eyed' Bouillabaisse brought back to Marseille by Japanese guests Fish-free bouillabaisse, some kind of tricky story from Marseille ?.. Nothing but reality brought to me by Japanese people in... More infos

Bouillabaisse Basics
The sensitivity of a cook will find some expression in the preparation of a bouillabaisse; still, principles stay the same and it can't happen not to choose the specific kinds of fish to make a good b... More infos

September products
When September comes, the market makes itself over. This transition from Summer to Autumn changes in a big way any aspect of the market. September is also the time of returns and a sudden change of rh... More infos

Bouillon, in French cuisine, is simply a broth. This name comes from the verb bouillir, meaning to boil. It is usually made by the simmering of Mirepoix and aromatic herbs (usually a bouquet garni) wi... More infos

A consommé
In cooking, a consommé is a type of clear soup made from richly flavored stock or bouillon that has been clarified usually through a fining process involving egg protein. It usually requires an advanc... More infos

Gazpacho is a cold Spanish Tomatoes -based raw vegetable soup, originating in the southern region of Andalusia. Gazpacho is widely consumed throughout Spain, neighboring Portugal (where it is known as... More infos

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